Clean Water for Ethiopia

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As well as addressing domestic issues, the Cottman Foundation is also working on an international scale.

Its main project in this regard is to fund and install a clean water well to an entire community in Ethiopia. This is a major endeavour, which will take some time, but one which we are determined to complete as soon as practicable before we look to expand in this area.

The impacts of dirty water on a community are countless but include extensive health issues, extreme poverty, marginalisation of young girls (who are often charged with collecting water rather than attending school) and an increase risk of violence being inflicted on those young girls who have to make that journey. By contrast bringing clean water to a community is transformative. It brings health, safety, a potential source of industry and pride. The impact is enormous.

Please come with us on our journey to funding the first (of many) wells alongside our partner Charity: Water.

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